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Shonan Health Innovation Park (iPark) began operations in April 2018, with the aim of creating a co-location ecosystem comprised of researchers, industry experts, venture startups, government, and academia who will collaborate and co-create - to accelerate research, with the aim of transforming cutting-edge science into impactful health solutions for patients across the world.

In today’s environment, the speed of innovation is being accelerated and new technological applications are realized each day. At the same time, the hurdles companies face to bring innovative therapies to markets continue to rise. Also, in Japan, basic life science research is not smoothly connected to practice causing a disconnect when it comes to translating technologies into applications for patients. We have designed Shonan iPark to overcome these challenges by providing an open innovation environment where it is possible to continuously network and share ideas, to celebrate successes and learn from failures.

Takeda launched Shonan iPark by transforming its Shonan research site to enhance scientific innovation with the aspiration to become a world-class ecosystem. Shonan iPark is supported by the local government and aligns well with the backbone of the government’s economic and revitalization strategy.

We welcome aspirational entrepreneurs and researchers to make iPark their home. Let's work together to open a new era of science, build a new success model of researcher, and create the world-leading science park!

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